Facial Recognition System vs Face masks – Covid-19 Pandemic

Facial Recognition System is a program that recognizes and authenticates a face by its facial characteristics from an image like software.  This particular software uses the automated recognition to visualize the face features and stores it in the database as face print. The facial recognition is most importantly for security. The most developed world relies on this as a major way to unravel involvement in the face of crime. Facial recognition systems are mostly used in schools, airports, companies, highways, etc.

Facial Recognition System

 How Facial Recognition System Works

This program verifies 80 nodal points on the face, the differences of human faces are been calculated by the Nodal points. The nodal points are endpoints that calculate the difference of a person’s face by making use of facial features such as the width, length of the nose, shape of the cheekbone, the depth of the eye socket. This software stores the facial features as face print in the database by capturing the nodal points on an image digital system.

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Importance of facial recognition system

The application of facial recognition, has come with several importance,

  • Increased security
  • Easy to cooperate with the existing facial recognized system
  • Reduced processes compared to biometric proof
  • Increased level of automated authentication
  • The inconvenience of contacting the person physically for automated proof compared to fingerprint authentication

The challenges of Facial recognition system to face mask

People no wear face masks in public as directed by the center for disease control (CDC) in various countries. This is to reduce the spread of coronavirus since social distancing is hard to comply with. Photos of people wearing masks now flood the media, this has become a challenge for the facial recognition system. With the absence of a drug or vaccine to curb the spread of this virus, it means lifestyles will continue with facemasks and shields. With this in place, facial recognition systems will have to be modified.

Masks cover a greater portion of your face when worn properly. As a result of this, the facial recognition system is unable to pick the facial features of the individual. This has posed serious challenges to the facial recognition companies. They now resolve to are battling to sourcing images from social media platforms.

These methods of unraveling facial contours by the FRS companies need to be improved upon.

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