Facebook Security | Facebook Settings – Where is security on Facebook?

Due to the increase in cybercrime, people are becoming aware of what is happening. Criminals go on social media like Facebook and use crooked means to hijack one’s account. Hacking of Facebook security has become the order of the day. This can be combated to a great extent if the tips given here are followed. Once your account is hacked, you lose access to your timeline, friends and everything about your account so this has led many people to search for a means to ensuring proper facebook security.

Facebook Security

Any private information you share on Facebook without being properly guided can be instrumental in losing control of your account. To secure your Facebook account properly, you have to starts by changing your account settings and using some other tips which are explained below. Simply go to the “Account and Login” link in the left-hand column of your profile

Set the following Facebook Security Options:

  • Select your Friends that you can contact in case you lose access to your account.

Facebook has helped their users to get back their accounts through this way. It recommends provision of 3-5 trusted friend’s contacts who can receive a recovery code with a URL that can allow you to gain back access to your account.

  • Login – Facebook Security

Change your account password and reset your account from login with your profile picture as anyone can access your account easily once they can get your device. It is advisable to use a strong password with a combination of characters, symbols and different cases.

  • Facebook Two – Factor Authentication

This is one of the best ways to protect your account. You have to log in with a special security code sent to your mail anytime you wish to access your account on a new browser or device. However, you can still review the devices where you won’t need a code before you log in.

  • Privacy Settings

Adjust the settings on your activity and how people find and contact you. This part of your account helps you to maintain your privacy on the site. In “Your Activity” section, you can make changes on who sees your future post.

  • Also, set your account in such a way that you receive alerts once anyone logs in with a browser or device you don’t normally use and you can also add extra security to your notification emails from Facebook that only you can decrypt.
  • Always make sure that you log out all session when you are done to keep your account safe.

Reset your account information today using the above measures to prevent sharing your account or completely losing control of it.

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