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Facebook is the most popular platform used by lots of people to connect with both old and new friends and family. People meet new friends daily and sometimes lose contact with old ones. Facebook is a great networking site for reconnection and making new friends because of millions of users log in to it daily. You can find your work colleagues, classmates, friends, and lots more on the Facebook search bar.

Facebook Search

Facebook Search is a feature located in the blue bar at the top of every Facebook page. This is the section where users can search for groups, pages, events, and people at any time using their names,  city,  gender etc.

Facebook Search by Name

This is the simplest method to search for a particular person, group, or thing on Facebook. You do that by navigating to the search bar at the top of the page.  Then type in the name of who or what you are looking for. Along the line, if Facebook autocompletes the name for you, just select and click “enter”. If not, you type the full name of the people or page or group and click “search”. Then you can select the appropriate one by looking at their profile pictures. Here,  several users might have the same full name and this will warrant checking out their profile pictures one after the other.  If they are many, searching by name makes it more tedious.

Facebook Search by City

This is simply searching for a person based on the person’s updated place of residence. It is an advanced search and is not as straightforward as Facebook search by name. Facebook search by the city is more convenient than having to go through a list of hundreds of people with the same name all in the name of trying to recognize them from their profile pictures. Also, if a user happens not to update the current location, searching for him/her by this means becomes fruitless.

Procedures for Facebook search by city

  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Enter the full name of the person you are looking for in the search bar on your homepage and click “search”.
  • Click on the “people” icon on the left corner of the page to narrow the search down to people only.
  • Click on the “location” drop-down menu and click on “location”.
  • Type in the city you want to search in and click “enter”.
  • This narrows the search down and usually brings out that you are looking for or few people to choose from.

That’s it! The search bar is really an awesome toolbar for searching for anyone on Facebook. If the username doesn’t work, the city comes in handy. Hopefully, you will find whoever you are looking for using these search filters.

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