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If you are a Facebook user, you would have probably wondered what it means to “poke” the first time you get a notification from facebook that someone poked you. Facebook poke is a feature that allows users to send notifications to others.  Even though this feature has been there, a lot of people still get confused when they receive one. Poking someone sends them an immediate notification. Which says that “(your name eg Ken) poked you”. At this point, the poke victim gets the option to poke you back or delete the poke. The major reason behind facebook poke is not very explicit despite the meaning of the name. It could mean different things depending on the relationship between the people involved or the business bringing them together.

Facebook Poke

There are a number of reasons why one can send pokes, both to your friends and to people who aren’t on your friends’ list. It can be just to say a “hello” or trying to get someone’s attention or to remind someone that you’re waiting for his reply (a message from him). It can also be to check and see if a person has visited Facebook recently or to let someone know you’re thinking of him or her or just for fun.

How to Poke Someone on Facebook

Learning how (and when) to poke on Facebook will take you only a few seconds. You can poke someone using mobile app following similar processes in desktop or laptop computer. The following steps will enable you to do so:

  1. Get started by choosing who you want to poke and then navigate to his profile page
  2. Tap on the menu button (three dot icon) on the person’s profile cover photo and the profile name of the person.
  3. Choose “Poke” from the drop-down menu. A window will pop up confirming that you have poked the person and the person you poked will receive a notification.

What if someone pokes you?

Each time someone pokes you, you’ll receive a notification under the “world” icon for notifications on the menu bar on the right. If you tap on that notice, you’ll be taken to a page where you can select a “Poke Back” option if you want. Also, you will see below that a list of suggested people to poke. You can choose to delete the poke by clicking on the “x” to the right of the Poke Back button.

It is important to note that you cannot poke one person twice unless the individual has returned or removed your first poke. You can decide to engage in poke war on Facebook (having constant poke exchange with someone). This only ends when one of the parties involved in the poke stops poking back.

Facebook poke can be fun. If you haven’t been using it, you can just give it a try. Sometimes you log in just to see those that poked you back.

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