Facebook password | How to reset Facebook password

The world of internet has made things a lot easier for users by restricting access to their accounts for security reasons. This is done through the use of a password. A Facebook password is a word or number of characters used to prove identity to access an account.

Facebook Password

Just like other service providers, Facebook requires a password to log in. This makes the Facebook account to be secured. Despite the name “password”, it must not be only words but numbers and other special characters can be used. Facebook gives users opportunity to create the password of their choices.

How do you secure your facebook password?

Your password is the best security mechanism for keeping hackers at bay. I bet you don’t want to expose a big chunk of your personal life to the invaders. The security of your Facebook password depends on several factors. Consider the tips below:

  • Ensure that your password is long enough (8 characters & above), a mixture of alphabets, numbers, and symbols.
  • Make sure it contains no personal information such as birthday or name as that can be easily guessed or socially engineered.
  • Do not use your Facebook password anywhere on the internet instead use different passwords for each account you have. This is to avoid someone accessing your Facebook account because of one right guess of your password elsewhere.
  • Don’t ever share your password with people. It should be kept secret from others who shouldn’t have access to the account.
  • Be vigilant enough to bypass attempts by hackers to get your password through nefarious means. Do not follow untreated links or even those sent to your email asking for your Facebook password. Think well before clicking on any link.
  • Update your facebook password as often as you can (every 2 weeks).
  • Make sure you log out of Facebook anytime you log in from a device that is not yours.
  • Visit facebook help center for extra security features.

How to reset facebook password

There may be times people struggle to log in to their Facebook account. This may be due to forgetting their password.

  1. In case you forgot your password, Click on the ‘Forgotten account?’ button on the right-hand corner of the Facebook login home page.

2. This brings you to the “Find Your Account” page, where you have the option of typing your username, phone                     number, email or full name into the box provided. Then click “Search.”

  1. The list of accounts that matched your search will be displayed. Find yourself and tap “This is my account” button.
  2. Choose the “Reset Your Password” option on the displayed page.
  3. Follow the instructions on the reset link and enter the code sent. Then you will reset and confirm your new password successfully.

Did you get that?  Good. If you are not careful, you may be sharing your photos, location, family and other personal information with invaders. Ensure that you secure your Facebook password and stay safe.