Facebook Messenger Kids App and What You Need To Know

Messenger kids app is the solution to Facebook restrictions on account creation and signup as it applies to kids younger than 13years of age. The restriction inhibits their ability to create social media profiles on Facebook due to the Federal law on kid’s protection called “the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act.

Messenger kids

The messenger kids app offers text, video chats, group chats, and so on. These features are garnished with photo filters, smiley, and fun faces transformation features that are seen on other popular social media platforms like Snapchat.

Through the app, as monitored by their parents, kids between the ages of 6—12 years can now have a feel of what messaging services on Facebook is all about. It widens the kids an opportunity to fully express themselves through its library of GIFs, Frames, masks, and drawing tools.

The interface is pretty much like the regular Messenger style but includes all the fun features your kid will love to play with when messaging friends and family.

Things to know about Messenger Kids Sign up and Parents Facebook Account

  1. Kids can’t sign up for a Messenger Kids account without linking it to a parent’s existing Facebook account.
  2. The only information required from the child is a name to put on the new messenger account.
  3. The parent with the linked Facebook account also has complete control over who the child can see and communicate with on his or her contact list.
  4. Messenger Kids will have no ads or in-app purchases, and Facebook claims the app won’t collect any information from the kids who use it.

Facebook has greatly satisfied the quest of kids by providing this app to create a safe place for kids be online. Millions of kids want to be online and still hold the Pads, tablets, and phones like their parents. This app keeps them away from Teens and adult contents. With this, Facebook is now providing products to kids as young as six years old, and clearly grooming its next generation of users.

Messenger Kids is on a limited rollout, as some countries are not yet enlisted to download the app. Currently, the app is available only on App Store for iOS devices. Facebook users in the United States of America have full access to this app and Facebook says there are plans to expand it to other countries in the coming months.

In the meantime, it’ll be interesting to see whether parents will embrace social media specifically targeted toward the youngest possible users.