Facebook live – You Church on the GO | live streaming Church Services

Back in the days, churches pay for the time they spend on TV or radio stations to reach their audience through the live video but due to advancement in technology, many churches are adopting Facebook live for their ministration. A growing number of people go to the church via Facebook live. It has become a dominant lifestreaming portal. This is simply because it serves as an effective tool for churches and religious organizations to stay connected with their members. Users can hear and watch their pastors preaching live during Sunday services and weekly activities.

Facebook Live

In order to enjoy the facebook church live streaming, the basic requirements include a facebook account, a strong internet connection, and your mobile device or PC.

Why should churches use facebook live for religious activities?

No matter how anybody feels about it, Facebook is a great avenue to reach out and preach to millions of people. Other reasons include:

  1. To reach out to lost souls through evangelism.
  2. To inspire members of their churches through daily devotionals and teachings during their weekly activities.
  3. To connect to all their members in any part of the world faster.
  4. To enable you to be a part of any church activity even while on the go, through your mobile devices and PC
  5. Pastors have a larger number of audience to reach through this medium so advertisement of their events or activities (like crusades and other special programs) becomes accomplished.

How to do facebook live church streaming

This is done on facebook free of charge compared to other previous traditional methods (tv or radio) that costs a fortune. It is much easier to use your mobile phone (usually recent Android or iOS device). Go to the facebook icon on your screen which represents the facebook app and clicks on it. When it opens, search for your church’s Facebook page using the search bar. Once found, go to a box that says “write something” and tap on it. If you are using an android phone, click on “go live” or “live video” for iPhones. Set all the necessary settings and click on “go live button” and you start streaming.  To set this up for your church, you must be an administrator of your church’s Facebook page.

Facebook provides a great opportunity for churches to reach out and stay connected with their members. It also makes it possible to connect to new people in so many ways. Regular reminder and relevant video content will prompt your audience to tune in and grow with time. Don’t forget to ask them to share the live video with their friends and families. This will help to build a wider audience.