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The word “help” is to offer assistance. On the other hand, Facebook help is a platform laid down to offer assistance to every Facebook customers who face problems they cannot solve on their own. The platform Facebook help answers any question at all. When you report your problem, they help you solve it to your satisfaction with ease.

Facebook Help

If you are looking for a social media app with the best help desk then Facebook is just the best you can get around. They operate 24-hours round the clock. One of its outstanding qualities is the fact that you can equally get help from other people who have gotten help with a similar problem.

Procedures to get help from facebook help desk.

If you are a user of Facebook and you have a problem, you can visit the help desk as a solution.

  • Log in to your account and Go to the Facebook Help Center
  • Click on “Help Discussions” on the left sidebar. It should be the third link.
  • Then click on the topic that you want to ask a question about or anyone similar to yours and then the subtopic.
  • Only then, you’ll find an option to ask a new question.
  • Put in your question in the text box there and click “send”. Your auto-reply will come in few seconds. After a while, you will get a response.

The common areas that questions are usually asked about include Account Recovery, Accounts that is Hacked or Disabled, Technical Support, Delete Account and others.  It may interest you to know that you cannot place a call to Facebook and expect anybody to answer.  You can email them or look for the problem of the same nature that was solved and follow suit.

The most recent questions previously asked and possible solutions include

  • Is it possible to finish my account creation and also confirm my email or email phone mobile?

When you finish creating your Facebook account, you will have to confirm the email or phone number to show that you are the owner. The email or phone number must be the one you used in creating your account. There is going to be a verification code sent to your phone number because they want to know if you are the owner of the number. You will be required to enter the code in a given box. If you did not get the message, you can go back and resend it.

If you want to confirm your email, there is a link that will be sent to you when you just created the account, click on the link in the email sent to you. In case you didn’t get the SMS, go back and resend it. You must immediately confirm your email or phone number. Remember you will not be able to use the account if you do not confirm it.

  • How can I possibly add friends on Facebook?

Open the Facebook website and visit the search bar. Then enter your friend’s name in the search bar and then click “search”. Whenever you want to send a friend request to a friend, click on add friend close to their profile picture.

The Facebook help desk will solve any kind of challenges you are facing on Facebook. Do visit them anytime you have some facebook issues to settle.

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