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Most people think that Facebook is all about socializing but there are several features that are open to exploration. These include facebook business manager, facebook music, facebook games and a lot more. This piece will highlight more on facebook business manager. Just as you can connect with family and friends through your Facebook account, it is very possible to connect with different business partners, buyers and sellers.

Facebook business manager

This is where your Facebook business manager comes into play. With the aid of facebook business manager, you can connect to different platforms where you can buy goods and services of different kinds. The facebook business manager also has a manager app that helps you to simplify everything on the Facebook business manager page especially for Android users.

Why a Facebook business manager

If you have chosen to use the Facebook business app, then you were on the right track. Most people don’t know how to convert the huge traffic on Facebook to business fortune. If you are already familiar with the Facebook business manager you might be aware of this information. But there are still a lot of new tricks you can learn.

The facebook business manager platform was made to help various business owners to promote their business almost free of charge. There are several business owners that only work from their facebook manager platform without having a physical office. They target their customers comfortably from any part of the world without having to make local adverts.

How to create a facebook business page manager

The procedures in creating facebook business page manager include:

  • Firstly, select the category of the business you want. You will have the options of Local business, Institution or company brand you want to promote and others.
  • Next, choose a business name. you are advised to choose your business name carefully because this is a one time process. Facebook only allows you to change your facebook business manager name once.
  • Provide the information about the business.
  • Then Upload documents like profile picture or the business logo.
  • Add favorites and audience to facebook business manager page.

How do I manage my facebook business manager account

This is just the same as managing your business from your office. You start by assigning roles to different users. You can choose to assign roles such as Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser or Analyst. These positions have different functions.

Admin role is automatically assigned to you by facebook. This is a superior role that has every right on the Facebook business manager. This role can delete the account or deactivate the account. Also, this role can assign other roles to different users including admin role to another user. Every other role is limited to just the particular function they perform. For example, the editor is only allowed to contribute by posting or editing other people’s posts.

It is now a necessity for every business owner to have a facebook business page. Start reaping the benefits of facebook business manager page today.

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