Facebook Advertising – Grow your Business through Facebook Advertising

Good news!!! You can grow your business, get loyal customers and make more sales by advertising your business on Facebook. Facebook is the most popular social media platform for socializing and meeting new people. With almost everyone on Facebook, placing your advert there will enable you to reach out to millions of people. Millions of businesses are already hitting it big through Facebook ads and there is no better time to start yours than now.

Facebook Advertising

Why should you indulge in Facebook Advertising

  • The cost is minimal and easier to set up than other media advertising platforms.
  • There is an immediate influx of traffic to your page due to the number of active users on Facebook.
  • You are not limited to targeting your ads at certain times within the day or on certain days of the week. It can be done at any time.
  • Very suitable for businesses operating in B2C (Business to Customer) markets. This facilitates reaching people early on in the buying process before they are even aware of their need while capturing those who are aware of the need in a subtle way
  • .Instant return on investment (You can easily define a cost per conversion and understand what your profit is)
  • You can use images and videos to capture the interest of your target market, helping you to sell your products and services

The requirements for you to advertise on Facebook include the following:

  • A browsing device – this is to enable you to access Facebook ads using the Facebook app on your mobile device or through the website.
  • Internet connection – you must ensure that you have a good internet connection for easy access.
  • A Facebook account – you must register with Facebook so that you have an account of your own with which you can access the page anytime.
  • Create a business page – this is where every information about your brand will be displayed but if you already have one, link it to the ads managers.
  • Means of Payment; the payment option accepted are the credit card, visa or verve.

How to advertise on Facebook

Facebook ads manager is essentials and effective tools for developing and advancing your business by generating more customers. To access the site directly, type www.facebook.com/ads/manager on your browser. The procedure for you to get started is:

  • Create a page and fill out the audience form.
  • choose an objective or the marketing structure, budget & schedule
  • Then upload your image by firstly choosing a format.
  • Finally, enter your means of payment and click on ‘place order’. You are good to go.

Facebook advertising is a sure deal that has been confirmed by many businesses.

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