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End to end encryption | E2EE | Ensure Data Security

End to end encryption simply abbreviated as E2EE is a network of systems that communicate directly with each other without third-party interference. One of the things E2EE do is to make use of privately generated keys to encrypt all entries even before they reach the end server or device. Here the end user is in possession of the encryption key. Therefore it helps to put up maximum security for data.

End to end encryption

Considering the old way where devices had to communicate through a given server. Device A communicates with Device B and the message goes through server S. Here, messages sent from Device A are decrypted and re-encrypted at Server S before getting to Device B. These transmitted messages can be hacked at Server S thereby making the data integrity vulnerable. E2E encryption eliminates the presence of Server S. Here Device A communicates directly with Device B like in WhatsApp, Facebook messenger etc.

What you need to know about E2E encryption

  • In Whatsapp, what is an end to end encryption?

In Whatsapp, an E2E encryption is when your personal files like messages, documents, videos, status updates, photos, voice messages, calls, and documents are secure so that they do not go into the wrong hands. I also want you to know that Whatsapp end to end encryption makes sure that you and the person you are communicating with can get to read that which is sent to you. This is done such that it does not involve a third party and not even Whatsapp itself.

  • In Facebook messenger, I want to know if it is an end to end encrypted

First of all, the meaning of end to end encryption is when all your conversations are encrypted; this is done from one device to another. This is so because it is only the sender and the receiver that can have access to it. They do not want any third party involvement. The name for Facebook new encryption is called Secret Conversation.

Other FAQ About E2E Encryption

  • If there comes a situation that makes me lose my encryption key: It is very important to save the key of your encryption in a location that is much secured when using end to end encryption. You should know that if you ever lose your key, there is no way you will be able to decrypt the data of the journal which is stored in Day One Cloud. What you will need to do here is to restore your data which is from an unencrypted locally stored backup.
  • I want to know what standard encryption is: Standard encryption is very much important, it encrypts your data at rest, it transfers data securely to the Day One app. Despite the fact that it is very secured, the standard of the security still requires that Day One staff holds the keys which are to decrypt journal data.
  • Is it possible for me to switch from end to end encryption back to standard encryption?: It is very possible and can be done. It is possible to switch any journal back and forth which can be from standard to end to end encryption.
  • Is IFTTT (If This Then That) working with encrypted journals: Presently I want to tell you that it is not working but there is plan been made to include support in the nearest future.

E2E Encryption helps in protecting your files against intruders. Ensure you enable it today and move away from the conventional standard format that can easily be invaded by hackers.