eBay App | Install eBay App |  How to download the eBay App

eBay App is a free online auction and shopping app which enables users to bid, purchase or sell products. It is a must-have for people who are ardent users of eBay. All the activities that can be performed on the official website can be done using this app. This includes receiving notification, buying and selling any type of product, searching for second-hand products and possibly following auctions.  It gives necessary eBay information like Sales pages, purchase history, watch list and others. It also notifies the user through a push notification about current happenings like listings and biddings. You can do all you want on it while on the go.

eBay App

The eBay app interface is simple and beautiful. There are three main buttons which are: My eBay, Categories, and Sell. From my eBay, all the auctions and goods you are following can be accessed plus any other information you want to know about your account. Then from the second button, you can search for almost any type of product you want. Finally, from the Sell menu, you can take care of all that has to do with the goods you are selling, like pictures, descriptions, auctions followed by other users and lots more.

Why should you have the eBay App?

  • It is just simple and easy to use.
  • You don’t need to rush to a desktop computer each time you want to check available items on sale. The App makes eBay handy and fast.
  • eBay App is a highly visual app with an attractive interface
  • It makes the management of your eBay activities and browsing through the site much easier.
  • It uses push notifications to notify users when watched items are ending or when they have been outbid.

 How to download the eBay App

If you are using Android devices,

  • Navigate to ‘play store ‘ on your device and click on it.
  • Search for ‘eBay’.
  • Click on ‘download’ and it becomes automatically installed when the download is complete.

 if you are using iOS devices,

  • Select ‘App store ‘ on your iOS device by clicking on it.
  • Search for ‘eBay’.
  • Choose ‘get’ and then ‘install ‘

Once the eBay App is installed in your device, you will see the icon on your home screen. With just a tap, you are good to go.

eBay App gives users a fulfilling eBay experience. New features are introduced from time to time to enable the app to serve its users better.