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Ensuring that your files; document, software, and media are saved and secure is the primary objective of Dropbox.  As a file hosting servicing company situated in San Francisco USA, Dropbox offers millions of users the ability to safely store their files in the cloud. It also ensures instant synchronization of new ones thus giving the user greater advantage of working from any location.


With Dropbox, contents in users PC are synced to the cloud’s server and to other computers, devices, and mobiles where Dropbox is duly installed. By simply adding content to the server, it automatically updates across others keeping the file up-to-date. It guarantees the security of your files in cases of theft, fire, virus attack and other unforeseen circumstances. Users can easily login to their Dropbox account to fully recover these files from any available device.

Storing sensitive documents on laptops, Hard drives, Floppy disks, flash drives etc. makes them easily accessible to unknown users. It also makes the file vulnerable to virus threats. Personal information can easily leak to the public or be stolen.  Storing files, media in the PCs hard-disk will eventually require that the user upgrades the size of the device or stand a chance of buying a new one. Saving your files on Dropbox keeps your PC, mobiles and other devices clean!

Cost of securing a storage space with Dropbox as a new user

Dropbox uses a business model where free storage space of Two Gigabyte is offered to users. The model is simply “freemium”. Upon exhausting the Freemium package, users can as well increase their storage capacity. In this case, the user is to pay a reasonable amount of money for an equivalent storage space. This model is the “Premium”. The premium users can increase their storage capacity to one terabyte and as well enjoy other features like advanced sharing controls and the ability to remotely wipe their files.

How to download and use Dropbox

  1. Simply go to www.dropbox.com on your url to download Dropbox
  2. Mobile device both iOS and Android users can download this from their respective stores.
  3. A user will need to sign in to access the Dropbox or sign up for new users.
  4. To be able to share a file or save them on the server, users on the PC can simply tap the Upload folder by the Right-hand side. Choose the required file from your PC, tap the open option to upload. From the “add more files” options, the user can still upload as many files as possible.
  5. To share your files, first tap the uploaded link to highlight it and then click on “Share Link”. Dropbox will require the email of the recipient, enter the info and click on send.

Health information on this file hosting server can actually save a life. Consider a situation where life is at a risk and an urgent information on the health status of the patient is on a PCs or Hard-drive somewhere far away. Family members or rescue team will have to travel the distance to recover the info but with the cloud, just an email and password is needed. Note that such login details can be shared with your spouse and other trusted family members.


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