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All you have worked for and important files can be lost just within split seconds. You never can tell, your phone or device where you store files may fail you (crashing, theft, fire, natural disaster like flood and others) at anytime. Dropbox has been initiated to make sure that doesn’t happen and with added benefits. Dropbox is a form of online storage system that allows you to store, maintain and share files irrespective of where you are.

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Who can benefit from dropbox?

  1.  Businesses
  2. Teams
  3. Students
  4. Freelancers
  5. Solo worker

How to use the online Storage App

The basic requirements to get started are a mobile phone or device of your choice and a good internet connection. The first step to take is signing up for an account. Then you can download it for free. it has 2 versions: a free version and a paid version.  You can make use of the free version for personal purposes since it gives you up to 2GB of cloud storage but will be required to pay if you need additional storage space.

To download Dropbox;

  • Enter  www.dropbox.com on the web browser of your computer and click “Get Dropbox Basic” on the top left corner if you wish to start with the free version. Then sign up for an account using your Google account or by providing an email and password of your choice (with which you can always sign in when you want). After tapping on the “create an account” button, a page will be displayed with the option of ‘download Dropbox’ which you will click on. At the end of the download, open it and Dropbox will automatically be installed in less than a minute.
  • If you are using Android or iOS devices, go the Google play store or app store respectively and search for Dropbox app. Then click on ‘download’ to get it downloaded and installed on your device. Then click on the icon on the home screen of your device and create an account using your Google account or a valid email and password (with which you can always sign in when you want).

A user can sync the contents in any of the storage devices with the cloud’s server and then to other computers, devices, and mobiles using Dropbox which is usually installed beforehand. After installation, you can now save data, access it, transfer from cloud to any device you like, back up files, collaborate with colleagues and friends online, share files with others and so much more.

It has saved millions of users from heartache by keeping their files safe from stories. It has other interesting features in addition to backing up files. Acting as a collaborative tool makes everybody want to use Dropbox.

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