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Have you heard of WordPress before? Or perhaps you don’t know what it entails? If yes, you’ve come aright. The main purpose of this article is to explain detailedly all you need to know about WordPress. Basically, WordPress is used to create websites, and manage content. WordPress is an open-source blogging platform that is used to create large and small websites and you can “delete my WordPress Blog and start afresh anytime”. However, a WordPress blog is a feature or website built-in to show recently-published content, share review’s, thoughts, photos and so on.

How Do I Delete My WordPress Blog – Reset WordPress!

If you’re inquisitive about how the delete your WordPress blog, it isn’t hard. There are 2 methods used, follow ardently the step-by-step processes given below. These are:

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Deleting a WordPress blog through the dashboard.

  • The first thing you have to do is to login through your desired web browser ,and go to
  • Proceed to your settings on the home screen in the dashboard.
  • Scroll down and tap “delete site” and enter your blog password as required to delete the blog.
  • Finally, your site or blog is deleted permanently.

Deleting WordPress blog through CPanel.

  • Login to and navigate to your cPanel dashboard.
  • Click on “hosting tab” and “switch” inorder to find your domain configuration.
  • Afterwards, tap on “WordPress option” after opening your panel’s auto-install tool.
  • Now, all you need do is to click on “uninstall” and the blog is deleted.

However, this can be reinstalled with the CPanel auto-installer tool.

How Can I Delete My WordPress Blog And Start Over?

Are you in the dark if it’s possible to delete your WordPress Blog and restart it? It’s very possible. Tactically follow as I walk you through the systematic procedures given below. They are:

  • The first thing you must do is to delete the database by logging in to your cPanel and database MySQL under the section.
  • You must now create a new database because the website won’t be able to load without it.You must add a user to your database section and select the matching database and username.
  • Proceed to deleting every unnecessary folder like themes except plugins and upload folders.
  • Finally, you can run the WordPress installation script  by adding /wp-admin/install.php to the end of your domain name.

Why Delete My WordPress Blog And Start over?

There are 4 major reasons it may be imperative for you to delete and start your blog over again. These are:

  • You may need to rebuild your old and broken website.
  • Your site may need to be restored from the backup.
  • Some test installation may need to be cleaned out.
  • You may also need to delete unnecessary files that affect the system negatively.

What Are The Advantages Of a WordPress Blog?

There are a whole lot of advantageous benefits accruing to using the WordPress Blog.

  • It is very easy to operate as it is an open source website used to publish and make good contents.
  • WordPress is an educative site that allows users to share ideas, advice and ask important questions.
  • It has cyber security due to efficient security team of developers and user’s.

Haven understood what WordPress means and entails,it will be good for you to join the numerous number of people taking advantage of it today!

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