Create Facebook Page | Build Business Brands on Facebook in few Steps

Create Facebook Page to build solid brands for your business.  Create a Facebook page is an option for Facebook users to showcase their brand to millions of Facebook users all over the world. A well-created Facebook Page helps to convince the customers and create good perceptions about the advertised product and services.

A good perception helps to increase the customer’s lifetime value and in turn increase their worth to the organization. Facebook grants this offer to create Facebook page free for both young and old business owners.

Steps to Create Facebook Page

Create Facebook page by visiting on your url. Choose the category from the pictures that match your business motive. These categories include Local Business or Place, Company/organization/Institution, Brand or Product, Artist/Band, or Public figure. Others include Entertainment and Cause or community.

Create Facebook Page
  1. Tap any of the categories of your choice. A small box requiring your business name, address, and then a different category to choose from. Fill in the information required and then click on “Get Started”
  2. Clicking the get started button simply indicated that you agree to the Facebook terms and conditions to create a Facebook page.
  3. Upload a profile picture and a cover image for your business or organization. Here you need to ensure that the picture matched the business brand as the first impression matters in attracting customers to check your products and services.
  4. Once this picture upload is successful, a prompt to take a walk through the pages to ensure the pages are okay will pop up and set to be launch.

Steps to Improve your Facebook Page

  1. Click “Add a short Description”. This gives the business owner the opportunity to announce to billions of Facebook users his offered products and services. We advise you state clearly what your brands are and be concise. Tap on “save” to save your company description.
  2. Click on “Create a Username for your Page” to set up your vanity url. This makes it easy for people to easily identify you. It has to be a unique username. Tap on “Create Username” to complete. A box will pop up to show you the link people can use to find your business or organization on Facebook. Tap on Ok to continue filling and enhancing your Facebook page.
  3. On the Left-hand side of your newly created Facebook page, click on about to add or edit your business details such as the start date, contact information and so on.
  4. On the Top right of the screen, Click on “Edit Page info” to specify your business location.

The above steps make your business easily identified by Facebook users across the world. You can also go further to fully optimize your page by adding the following: A pinned Post, like other business pages, and so on.

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