Conference call – a Complete Guide to Teleconferencing

Following the recent pandemic that has rocked the whole world, conference calls have now become a solution to bringing people together. Especially people who work in the same organization. Conference call is a way to ensure that people are hooked up and can be able to discuss pertinent things to the progress of the organization. A conference call, also known as a teleconference, is a telephone call. in which callers can talk to several people at the same time. It can be designed to allow callers to participate during the call or just listen-in without participating.

Conference call

These days people can actually use different platforms to make conference calls. Platforms like Truecaller, Zoom, Skype, and even on Android devices conference calls can actually be used to ensure effective communication. Zoom, Skype, and other forms of Conference Call are one of the companies that provide call services to customers. Zoom specializes in video conferencing which is a form of a conference call with the added feature of visual. For Zoom technology, it has two plans- Basic and Pro. The Basic Plan is totally free and you can use it for as long as 40minutes per session.

How do you set up a Conference call?

Since this involves more than one person in a conversation, let’s give details on how to set up a conference call and get people to be part of it.

  1. On zoom, kindly visit Set up and schedule your meeting. Once this is done a meeting ID is generated and a password. You can go ahead and share this ID and password to your contacts you wish to be part of the conference call.
  2. It is important to ensure that participants real name their name ID to show their real name the essence of this is to ensure that people who are participating in the conference call are valid.
  3. Password protection is deemed necessary especially on the zoom call to ensure authenticity.
  4. On Android devices it is easy to set up a call. Dial a call then to add another is that simple. Here you call party A and then place him or her on hold and then dial part B and then merge the two calls. In this case, the conference call right over the network and the user is build based on his credit. So this is not free when compared to the zoom on Skype calls conference calls.

How to make a conference call on WhatsApp and on Android

To make a conference call on WhatsApp, go to New Group and add all participants to that group.  Then simply tap the telephone logo, add all the contacts in that group who you want on the call. Then hit the telephone logo for a voice-only call or the video logo for a video call.

We can also make conference calls with Android devices. In this case, you call the first party, place the person on hold and then call the second party. When the call is connected you can now merge the two calls together. This kind of call can be described as a half-duplex call. Which is exactly like what we have in the old Walkie Torquay used in the military. Where one person will speak at a particular time while others will listen. If everyone is speaking at the same time then there will be no conversation.

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