CLOUD – What are the Advantages of Cloud Computing?


The Cloud is a network of various computing facilities. It easily provides the users with as much storage space as possible. It provides a strong place for all remote data storage and processing services through the internet. The Cloud is pretty much a very simple thing to do and understand.  The ‘CLOUD’ is also referred to as servers that are being accessed all over the internet, as well as the databases that equally run on those servers. These Cloud servers are all efficiently placed in various data centres all over the whole world.

The Cloud is used by multiple different organizations and industries all around the world and they allow access through network properties to various things such as communication tools like calendars and emails. One industry that uses the cloud and I will be using it as an example is Whatsapp. Whatsapp is pretty much cloud-based and when it comes to communication, it is an example of a cloud-based infrastructure and cloud computing. Learn what cloud computing is.


What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a technology that is designed to use the internet for all the storing and managing of data on remote servers and then access said data through the internet. Cloud Computing is the delivery of computing services. It includes services like databases, software, analytics, servers, storage and so on all over the internet. Cloud computing is so essential as it offers flexible resources, and lowers your operating costs. It also runs your infrastructure more smoothly and efficiently and so many more.

What are the Advantages of Cloud Computing?

As well as this being a means to highly scale your business to higher heights, there are various advantages of the process of cloud computing. Here are some of the advantages of cloud computing as they are listed below:

  • Productivity: There are a lot of terms called ‘Racking and Stacking’ of hardware setup, software patching and other IT management activities that are required of the on-site data centres. All these activities are extremely time-consuming and are simply termed ‘chores’. Cloud computing, once involved, eliminates the need for many tasks and makes things easier for the IT teams.
  • Speed: A lot of IT services and resources are almost readily available and instantaneous when you are trying to gain access. This really gives you a high advantage as it means that the product, service and date will immediately hit the market. This technique helps businesses quickly generate more revenue much quicker after they go live
  • Accessibility: Cloud computing instantly allows you to gain access to resources, services, data and more from absolutely anywhere you are. All you need is to be connected to the internet. When connected to the internet, there are tool and techniques that easily allows you to access the cloud when needed.

Other Advantages of Cloud computing include;

  • Back up: Due to the convenience of cloud computing services. Users can easily check their email on their computer, and back up their files, music, photo and more. This ensures that those files are readily available in any case that there is a hard drive crash.
  • It allows users to upgrade their software more quickly. Software companies can offer new products through the web rather than through traditional methods.
  • Cloud computing greatly improves collaborations. It allows groups of people to share their information in the cloud through shared storage more quickly.
  • Cloud computing allows you to use software from any device, either through an app or a browser. In the end, users can simply carry their files and their settings over to other devices quite easily.
  • Cloud computing easily allows you to access all cloud data through mobile.

There are many more advantages of using Cloud computing. You don’t have to be the last In hopping onto the fast train of swift internet connectivity and its excellent results

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