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Do you want to know what is going on within or outside your home, office or even business premises? Have you ever been attacked before or heard of someone who has experienced such and all effort made to catch the attacker proved abortive?  Have you been a victim of child molestation by nannies? If yes, then read on to find out one apt way to track such incidence. Closed-circuit television popularly known as CCTV has to do with the use of video camera to produce images which are displayed on limited screens.


This is directly connected to a transmission system that can be broadcasted such as a network of cable. There is what is called commercial cable TV and this is an example of CCTV. In recent years, there has been marked and sustained growth in the use of Closed Circuit Television Surveillance cameras in both public and private places. CCTV is employed by prisons, banks, airports, military organizations, police forces, utilities, large corporations and all various organizations. Also, individuals have the right to own it in their various homes.

Applications of CCTV Camera

  • It is computerized in such a way that it recognizes individual faces. If there is any case of a wanted person, this feature can help in this aspect.
  • Helps monitor traffic that involves vehicular movement. It can also help detect illegal activities such as smuggling, over speeding, disobeying traffic rules, arm robbery in the day/night time and so on.
  • Used in the inspection of x-ray baggage devices such as seen at the airport.
  • Viewing of any industrial process that is dangerous, liftoffs of rockets and every other operation.
  • It can serve as a security guard around warehouses, military base, the stations of police, power plants and every other facility that is supposed to be defended.
  • Also, it can serve as theft monitoring which could also be indoors (halls, rooms, lobbies) or outdoors (ATM popularly known as automatic teller machines, parking lots).

Why you need CCTV installation

  • This is to take the records of activities going on around you.
  • it monitors your home.
  • To keep an eye on perimeter security of any area of concern
  • CCTV helps to easily solve crimes cases.
  • It is also there to help oversee locations that would be detrimental to the health of human. For example, a process whereby the environment is highly toxic and radioactive industries.

CCTV is highly useful in our present-day world because of its various uses and benefits to mankind. It has come and gained ground amongst humans. CCTV is placed in strategic places and not just anywhere. Sometimes it could be placed in a secret place where no one can locate it simply because you need to catch somebody of frivolous activities.

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