PayPal Refund Time – How Long do Refund Take on PayPal | Refund Time

PayPal Refund Time

PayPal users often time get agitated especially whenever the need for a refund arises. Pertinent questions like thises are asked: “Are PayPal refunds faster or how long does it take to receive my refund on PayPal?” Here we are to clear the air as per when it comes to receiving… Read More….

PayPal Business Debit Card – Request for PayPal Business Debit Card

PayPal Business Debit Card

PayPal Mastercard is a debit card for every individual PayPal account holder including business owners. Who either has a PayPal Business account or a PayPal cash plus account. The debit card allows users to access money in a U.S account instantly. Also, the card allows you to withdraw funds from… Read More….

UBA Internet Banking – United Bank for Africa | UBA

UBA Internet Banking

The world’s fast advancement in technology, as days go by has led the banking sectors to swiftly improve in her services of satisfying its esteemed customers. Banking queues have drastically reduced as People find it very tiring going to banks to carry out transactions. One of the Best Banks in… Read More….

First Bank Nigeria – Truly the First? First Bank Online Banking

First Bank Nigeria

First bank Nigeria FBN mostly referred to as a retail banking and financial service institution in Nigeria. Most Customers regard it as the biggest bank in Nigeria. In terms of the gross earnings, Customer relationship, Facilitating diverse kinds requests and others, then in Nigeria then you are in the right… Read More….

UDirect – UBA Direct Internet Banking


United Bank for Africa UBA is described as one of the biggest banks in Africa. Through their technology innovations, they have been able to gain a customer base and as well provide world-class Banking Services. In recent times, they have introduced outstanding e-Banking products. One of which is called UDirect… Read More….