Canada Student Visa Requirements 2022/2023: Study Permit, IELTS Bands & Fees


Are you a student who wants to study in Canada? Do you have plans to get your Canada student visa to achieve your academic goals and achieve your purpose in your chosen field of study? This article will be of great advantage to you as I will be giving you helpful tips and facts on how you can achieve it.

Canada Student Visa is practically designed to allow whoever possesses it to successfully start their studies in Canada. The Canada Student Visa is also known to be the same as the Canada Visitor Visa as well as the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). However, whether you have the Canada Student Visa, the student is also required to obtain a study permit. Hence, the Canada Visitor Visa is a combination of the Visitor Visa and a study permit or the ETA and a study permit.

As well to get the Canada Student Visa, it is also very necessary to obtain a study permit as this will enable you to display a strong case of good intentions and quality focus in your journey to further your education in Canada.

Canada Student Visa

What is the difference between a Canada student visa and a study permit?

While both qualifications are very necessary to obtain for your educational purposes in the country of Canada, it is also very necessary not to mash up and confuse the purpose of the Student Visa with that of the Study permit.

The major difference between the student visa and the study permit is that the Canadian student visa will allow you to start your studies in Canada in Designated Learning Institutions (DLI). The study permit allows you to conveniently stay in Canada until your study program comes to an end. The study permit also allows you to work while you are enrolled in a school or even work after you graduate. This has been proven true in some cases.

Am I Eligible To Apply For A Student Visa In Canada?

If you are curious about details concerning your eligibility to apply for a study visa, read on to find out ways you make certain of that fact. Everyone is and can be eligible to apply for a Canada student visa. However, to know if you’re qualified for a Canada student visa and study permit,

  • You must have a valid acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution(DLI) along with this essential information:
  • An official letterhead of the school
  • The program and degree that you will acquire
  • The total amount of tuition fees you must pay
  • The  start and finishing dates of the programs involved
  • You have to be at least 18 years old to apply as the primary student visa applicant. If you have children who are under 18 years, they cannot apply alone. So, if in any case you have a child who wants to attend primary or secondary school, you must apply on their behalf.
  • You must fill and sign a Visa Application Center (VAC) Contest Form
  • You must have a clean criminal history and you must submit court documents to prove that fact
  • You have to submit copies of your current immigration status in another country or in Canada
  • You must also prove that your stay in Canada is temporary. You will return to your home country once your studies are finally over

What Are The Requirements For The Canada Student Requirements?

Before you can apply for the Canada Student Visa, you should know the stated facts. You should apply for a study permit as this allows them to guarantee your stay in Canada. Once that is completed and you completed the forms, you will need to submit the following support documents;

  • Your passport
  • Proof of acceptance by a Designated Learning Institution
  • Your travel history. This means that your passport should be scanned to prove that you have blank pages in it
  • A Declaration Letter from you to the Government of Canada. This to explain why they should give you a visa and a study permit to study in Canada
  • Proof of funds which proves that you can support  yourself
  • Letters from the court and the police in your country to prove that you have a clean criminal record
  • You will need two photos that meet the Canada Photo Requirements
  • You will also need medical examinations to show that you are free of health issues
  • Your education or employment  status either through a resume or diplomas

The proper documents you will need are Proof of acceptance, proof of identity and proof of financial support. You may also need a letter of explanation; A Quebec Acceptance (CAQ), and A Custodian declaration and these are for minors only as well as other documents.

You can apply for a student visa either offline but on paper. You can also submit an application on the official citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC) website. You will need a letter of introduction as well as all the necessary documents to be carried to Canada.

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