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Bulk SMS Service is a process of mass messaging or sending text messages to several phone numbers at the same time. The major difference between bulk SMS and conventional way of sending a text is that bulk SMS messaging involves a large number of recipients while the latter is one SMS to one person at a time. Also in bulk SMS service, there is an opportunity to customize messages by using a desirable sender ID for the message.Bulk SMS Service

SMS is an acronym for Short Message Service. Is a service that allows someone to send a text message from his or her phone to another phone. It is becoming notorious by the day as people find it very effective in communicating with others and very helpful for marketing and promoting business. SMS makes it possible to reach out to people within a few seconds or minutes as the case may be.

Who Needs the Bulk SMS Service?

  1. Business owners who use it for advertisements and marketing purposes. Also, updates concerning their promos, goods, and services are communicated through bulk SMS.
  2. Firms and institutions who use it to send alerts, reminders and internal communication with their staff.
  3. Private individuals who use it for sending personal messages to loved ones. For instance, a new month or year or festive period messaging to loved ones.
  4. Individuals who use bulk SMS service to manage events. For instance, birthday or wedding invitations and political campaigns.
  5. Associations who use it to communicate with their members and members of the general public.

In fact, everybody needs bulk SMS service at one point or the other. It is very effective as a communication tool coupled with its low cost compared to the conventional way.

How does Bulk SMS work?

This system is designed as a web-based application which allows users to send bulk SMS by using any web browser. All you need to do is visit the website on the internet to use the service. Then create an account with any online SMS system and get started.

Why should you use the Bulk SMS service?

  1. It permits you to send a message to thousands of people at the same time with just a click of the mouse.
  2. Delivers very fast and promptly.
  3. It is flexible so you can personalize your message with any desired name.
  4. Can be used for instant business or transaction alert as seen with the banks.
  5. It is cheaper and affordable
  6. You can send long messages to phones without restrictions.
  7. It is a great way of an advert for marketers who expect a quick response from their message recipients.
  8. You can save your contact numbers online in a phonebook so you won’t have to keep typing them each time you are sending them messages.
  9. It costs the same amount to send a message to different networks unlike the use of a phone.

Bulk SMS has proven to be a very effective medium of communication. You will definitely need the Bulk SMS service someday so just create an account to get started.

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