Bolt Driver’s App | Taxify now Called Bolt – Driver App Benefits

The advent of the internet has indeed created a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities and Bolt driver’s app is one of them. The driver app helps to connect both drivers and riders or passengers so that passengers can get to their destination without having to go through the regular rigors of getting commercial vehicles within their region.

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Bolt was formally known as taxify, it a driver’s app that operates on a mobile that allows people to request a ride to their destination from their mobile phones and the drivers get paid. So it is a good way for anyone who knows how to drive to make money on their own terms simply by driving people to their destination and all you need at most is a car, a mobile smartphone and a driver’s license.

Bolt Drivers App

Benefits of Bolt Driver’s APP

The benefits aside from earning money and doing something exciting like driving around town you also get the following benefits:

  1. No boss to answer to because you are the boss of yourself.
  2. Creating your schedule by yourself, so you can choose when to work, how many hours to work or how many trips to take per day and so on. Man, you get to make all your decision by yourself, isn’t that great?
  3. No monthly fixed fee because you earn money per trip and you can be paid either with cash or transfer to your bolt wallet which is then paid into your personal bank account weekly and so leaving you to autonomously determine what you earn overall.
  4. The bolt driver’s app is very user-friendly and you don’t need to be a graduate to know how to use it, all you have to do it to make sure your smartphone connected to the internet and the Bolt driver’s app will deliver.
    Now, let’s get you on the point of signing up, Below are the steps to signing up with Bolt before you can start using the app.


  1. Visit their website
  2. Click on the drive icon
  3. Fill the driver’s online application form.
  4. Add information about your car.
  5. And every other details needed.
  6. Confirm your email.

When that is successfully done then you can go ahead and download the bolt driver’s app and connect with the information you used in signing up. The app is available on android, iOS and windows. After doing that just wait and you will start getting request from people around you that need a ride and when you confirm you can start making money.

Interestingly Bolt is legally registered in 30 counties of the world in Europe, Australia, Africa, North America, and the Middle East. So if you are in any of these countries or regions and you can drive or you are looking for a side hustle like driving then Bolt driver’s app is what you need. But before then let see the benefits of bolt driver’s app.

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