Bitrix24 – Advantages of using Bitrix24 | Bitrix24 Pricing

Bitrix24 is a well-known platform for project management. It provides tools like time management, document management, project management and other activities in the Social platforms like commenting, liking, instant messaging, content sharing and several others. This platform makes communication interesting and easy with its social features and automated processes like notifications.


In fact, Bitrix 24 provides all you need to manage an online company. It can be used by companies, businesses (whether small scale or large scale), remote teams or groups who want to keep in touch or collaborate effectively. Bitrix24 features include bulk email, version control, calendar sharing, instant messages or chats, time management, cooperative writing, discussion boards, photo albums, Email notifications, Uses profile, intranet centre, brainstorming, contact management and lots of others.

Uses of Bitrix24

  • Bitrix24 real-time communication tools (such as group chat and video conferencing) are used by companies to get their employees together online for a briefing or meeting.
  • Computer pulse and gamification tools provided by Bitrix 24 enable companies to identify employees who are struggling and help people to get recognition which in turn encourages employees.
  • Bitrix24 is used to solve the problem of using multiple applications to solve different issues. With its app, you can solve so many issues.

Review on  Bitrix24 Pricing plans

  1. Free plan – comprises of 12 users, 1 admin and 5GB online storage.
  2. Plus plan ( $39 per month) – comprises of 24 users, 2 admin and 24GB online storage.
  3. Standard plan ($99 per month) – comprises of 50 users, 5 admin and 100GB online storage.
  4. Professional plan ($199 per month) – comprises of unlimited users, unlimited admin and unlimited online storage.

Advantages of using Bitrix24

They are numerous and include:

  1. It is a collaborative tool provided for up to 12 users for free. Also, the apps (both iOS and Android) are free too.
  2. Bitrix 24 offers a unified communication platform for both internal and external operations.
  3. It involves automation and visual workflow designer
  4. It encourages great community support.
  5. Bitrix 24 enhances awesome team management and employee timesheet monitoring.
  6. You can attach your phone numbers to it in order to make and receive calls.

Bitrix24 is not without loopholes but is more beneficial. The loopholes include having no accounting feature, having some functions that are not clear enough and then the free version attaches  Bitrix 24 at the bottom of every mail.

Bitrix24 just delivers everything in one package such that one can run almost the entire company on it.