Artificial intelligent Robots | Advantages & Disadvantages of AI Robots

Artificial intelligent Robots are machines with metal bodies which can be very resistant and can endure space or any atmosphere that is hostile. They have great abilities. Artificial Intelligence is the brainbox behind the creation of robots and has really affected the world positively. It has improved so many sectors such as healthcare, computer science and lots more.

Artificial intelligent robots

AI according to a lot of people is the most interesting field when it comes to robotics. But you will still find a lot of people who certainly find it a little bit controversial. In any case, everybody agrees that a robot can be designed to work in such an assembly line and there is no argument whether a robot can ever be intelligent.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages that are attached to the use of artificial intelligence robot. You will get to judge it yourselves and see its positive and negative impacts to our daily lives.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligent robots

  • Reduction of Error: Artificial intelligent robots can be fed with every necessary information. This information you input is sent to explore spaces.
  • Daily Application: if you have ever come in contact with GPS, you would know that it helps you anytime you hit the road for long drives and trips. Things like track devices and every other smartphone in an apt is simply an example of how we get to use artificial intelligence. Now we have discovered that they have the ability to predict whatever it is we are going to type and correct concerning the human errors in spelling. That is how far machine based on artificial intelligence can help and at the same time improve you.
  • Difficult Exploration: here you will discover that Artificial intelligence robots can be used in mining. It can also be used in the exploration of fuel processes. Machines that are complex can simply be used in the exploration of the ocean floor. This will help in conquering the limits.
  • Medical Aspects: it is widely known that of recent some robots have been designed to perform medical operations on a human. They do it as perfectly as they are programmed.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligent Robots

  • High Cost: robots are very costly to purchase. If you want to own it as an individual, it may cost you a lot to purchase.
  • No Replicating Humans: in this case, as we all know that robots have no moral values and emotions. They have no power to make judgments on good or wrong simply because it is programmed.
  • They do not have the ability to always improve because of experience: because of their nature, they cannot improve over time due to the experience they gather. I want you to also know that concerns and care are not programmed in the robot intelligence dictionary.
  • Lack of creativity: if you are the type that always expects something new, you should know that it is beyond robots. This is because they lack imaginations and creativity.

Artificial Intelligent Robot has brought serious improvements that will help humans ease their work. It also saves money and time for companies though it has a few inadequacies.

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