Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet with new echo-like dock | Amazon Fire tablet

Amazon just launched an Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet with new echo-like docks. It is just an upgraded version of the old fire HD 8 model. This new version has similar looks with the old one on the outside but has undergone some changes. It has a robust plastic body and comes in different colours. The new tablet came with an improved camera and  Alexa capabilities. It doubles up as Alexa speaker and with the new system of docking, the tablet can be formed into an Amazon echo style smart speaker that can sit in the house. When you dock the new Fire tablet, it becomes a part of the furniture in your room.

Amazon Fire

These changes in hardware are just sideshows. The main upgrade done to the new tablet is the addition of show mode which turns the tablet into an echo show. This show mode provides visual feedback for Alexa voice queries such as time, recipe, weather or any other question. It is designed to be kept in a place and be seen from across the room.

Features Amazon Fire tablet

  • It has a large 8-inch HD display screen with a million pixels and an improved 720p front facing the camera.
  • The docking system includes a smart case and an angle adjustable dock.
  • It is powered by a 1.39GHz quad-core processor and has up to 16GB to 32GB of storage space depending on the version you purchase.
  • It has a micro SD card slot built in to enable the user to expand the tablet’s storage space by an additional 400GB.
  • The battery life is long and lasts up to 10 hrs. This is very adequate for your daily usage.

How Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet with new echo-like dock works

Its show mode dock is a case for the tablet and a charging stand. The case clips around the tablet locking into the micro USB charging port. So it can charge while docked. It has magnets and charging pin on its back. The magnet enables the tablet to be correctly aligned when placed on the charging stand and once it is done, it automatically triggers the show mode. You can be watching a movie on the tablet in one room and then pick the tablet from the dock into another room without the movie being interrupted. This is the same for your video calls and other activities in and out of the dock.

Limitations of Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet

  • The speakers are not so good at picking up sounds across the room.
  • Its charging is usually slow
  • It is unnecessarily big and bulky
  • The camera does not give the best camera satisfaction.

The new Amazon fire HD tablet cuts the right corners to get the job done at a price worth paying. Its echo-like dock just helps you to enjoy the tablet while on the go!