Accommodation costs in Canada for international students with sponsored Visa


Studying in Canada for international students must be a dream come true for them as it is highly rewarding. However, I have a quick question for you; do you know the Cost of Accommodation in Canada for you as an International Student? The excitement at being granted the opportunity to study in a lucrative and excellent country like Canada is indeed overwhelming, but it would be of great precaution to plan ahead and know how to put a roof over your head.

Studying in Canada is a great privilege and a good investment for your future. This is because you have and will gain access to quality and premier education, a degree that will be recognized globally cross-cultural experiences and so much more. It is however true fact that studying in Canada for international students requires financial planning and financial commitment before you get to the county.

Before you move to Canada for your educational purposes, it is absolutely necessary that you gauge and estimate the cost of living so you can properly prepare your finances before D-day. This article should aid you in your steps in planning your financial costs.

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What are the costs of living in Canada as an international student?

As of the year 2022, Canada was declared the 25th most expensive country to live in. This can be perceived how one wishes to. Whether it is expensive or not, depends on where you are. Canada is a really big country and the prices of living vary by region. According to the Canadian government website, they estimated the average cost of living for foreign students is about $12,000 CAD a year.

Is Canada expensive for international students?

The cost of living in Canada is fairly affordable compared to a lot of popular cities and their study destinations. If a lot of calculations are done and a comparison is made, then the cost of accommodation for the international students should be affordable for them, hence giving them the privilege to abide in the country peacefully. 

It is being calculated that an international student will need about $20,000 and $30,000 depending on the city he stays in to cover his tuition fees. That being put aside, the cost of living, food and other living expenses will be around C$10,000. This really is quite affordable compared to all the other popular study destinations abroad.

How Much Money Is Required By Students to live In Canada as an International Student?

As previously mentioned, the cost of living in Canada s an international student varies from one city to another. It is still true that living in Canada is really affordable compared to a lot of other study destinations. The monthly expenses of accommodating yourself as well as living expenses can be totalled to C$1500-2000. The cost also depends on the city you abide in and the lifestyle you live.

Cost of accommodation for international student

Another fact that needs to be known is that the cost of accommodation for an international student is also affected by the type of accommodation you choose to leave in.

  • Some universities in Canada provide on-campus residence to their students. Dormitories are large buildings and are able to house as many students as possible. The Townhouse only usually houses about three to six students. They are offered at a reduced fee and are great at reducing the accommodation cost of international students.
  • Apartment Rentals: Apartment rentals, whether furnished or unfurnished are also great ways at reducing the cost of accommodation for international students as well. You can search for temporary furnished apartments on websites such as Craigslist, Wimdu, Airbnb or HouseTrip before you come down to Canada.
  • Off-campus Apartment or Condominium: When using an off-campus shared apartment or Condominium, students are all provided with a single room. They often have a single occupancy bedroom with a shared kitchen, dining, bathroom and living room area. These are also great in aiding to reduce the cost of accommodation, especially for an international student.

These apartments all range in different prices namely:

  • Townhouses:- 250 CAD- 650 CAD
  • Dormitories:- 350 CAD- 600 CAD
  • Shared apartment:- 400 CAD – 800 CAD
  • Unfurnished Apartment Rentals:- 300 CAD – 500 CAD

You can go online and do a lot of research about costs and where to get affordable accommodation before you go down to Canada as a student.

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