About Us

tecvegas.com is a website that provides information about new technologies, Games and software application only with simple terms. It provides support to users and educates them more about the application on their PC and mobile device. We also give out useful tips on how you can access other website and related issue. All content on the blog belongs to tecvegas.com.

Tecvegas is a web blog own by Obinna Igboeli Chiedozie with about one year of software engineering, Telecom Engineering and technology related information to our new generation of computers and mobile users across the world.

We are here to answer all your FAQ and provide solutions and answers to every question, it is our responsibility and duty to refer users to other sites or forum whenever we cannot provide answers to some questions.

Tecvegas is here to serve you better. You can like us on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Please feel free to contact us whenever you have any issues related to software, Telecom, application and other internet issues. We have an esteemed team at tecvegas who are here on a 24/7 basis to help you out with the solution you need and our answers come in simple terms.



Contact Location:

Gbagada Phase 2,

Lagos State, Nigeria 100234.

Telephone: +2348038132383

Email: tecvegas.com@gmail.com


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