What is Internet of things? – Internet of Things IoT | How IoT Works?

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is simply the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects. This enables them to ‘talk’ to each other with or without human intervention. The IoT ecosystem is very huge and is still in the innovative model. It is an ecosystem with various… Read More….

AWS Udemy | cloud training – what are AWS Certifications?

aws udemy

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, which is a cloud platform owned by Amazon and hosted across its global data centers. AWS Udemy offers interested candidates the cloud training materials such as video content, Labs, and exam prototypes at the lowest cost possible. Certification is a credential that Amazon herself… Read More….

Avatar Maker – Is Avatar maker on Facebook free? | Facebook Avatar

Avatar Maker

Avatar maker on Facebook is absolutely free. This is like an answer to so many questions that filled the mind of Facebook users when the news of the Avatar went viral all over social media. Facebook practically handed over the ability to create cartons to their esteemed Facebook users. The… Read More….

Waptrick Games | Free Games Download @ Waptrick.com

waptrick games

Waptrick games are free Android content designed for game lovers. At Waptrick.com, users are offered sets of high-quality games like Action Games, Car Racing games. Kids Games, and Other Android Games. These games are designed to be captivating and are as well formulated to help broaden one’s knowledge on ways… Read More….

Waptrick App – Free Mobile Contents For Androids | New Movies!

waptrick app

Whenever you think of sites where you can download all kinds of files, be it photos, videos, themes, wallpapers, music and to mention but a few, the waptrick app should come to your mind. A friend of mine whose phone is always filled with the latest songs and music videos… Read More….